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There is a new Civil War going on in this country, much more vio-
lent than the first one,  in the 1860's,  and the fatalities  are
much higher.  The violence  is propagated  almost entirely by the
side called the  "Abortionists",  and its savagery  is so intense
that its  defenseless  victims  are literally  pulled apart while
still alive, and the remaining pieces then butchered and sold for
the highest price.  The rules of engagement  require that the de-
fenders  can only demonstrate  at distances too great to save the
victims, and if they themselves should in any way engage in viol-
ence or intimidation they are immediately arrested and thrown in-
 to jail or prison with no certainty that they will ever be releas-
ed.  By the time you finish reading this, I think  that you  will
agree with what I have just said.                                
 Worldwide, abortion is the most catastrophic atrocity ever perpet-
rated by mankind.                                                
It's not about  a woman's right to choose,  it's about  a woman's
right to kill - and her baby's right to go on living.            
Embryonic stem cells don't come from an embryo - they come from a
 blastocyst. After all, they can't be both things at the same time.
 (See Chapter 11, When Human Life Begins, for the complete explana-
Not in the book:  So you don't think the life issues  affect you?
Fact  -  Since Roe v. Wade in 1973, 45 million children have been
aborted  in the U.S.  That's  45 million  less people to pay into
Social Security. Fact - In the not too distant future, more money
will be going out of Social Security and Medicare than  is coming
in. Fact - Our government has taken 1.85 trillion dollars  out of
the Social Security Trust Fund and spent it on other things. They
say, in effect, don't worry, we're not stealing it,  we intend to
pay it back. My prediction - if liberals gain power, their solut-
ion to this imbalance will eventually be: assisted suicide.  It's
 already starting to happen in Europe, where populations are start-
ing to drop dramatically because of abortion,  and euthanasia has
been legalized. Why? Because it will be much cheaper for the gov-
ernment than making Social Security and medical payments.        

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